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about us 

         Migoo Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Uganda, Africa, and also has a branch called KUMI in Tanzania. It has been in operation for 14 years and focuses on the production and sales of plastic shoes and woven bags. It has its own factory and land. We will gradually build 3000 square meters of warehouses, 42 sets of 2-bedroom and 1-hall employee dormitories, and start construction of 10000 square meters of new factories and update key machinery and equipment in early 2023.

unified thinking, unified execution, unified image, and unified service
Development Vision: Fully develop the enterprise and strive to become a Fortune 500 enterprise
Service tenet: customer-centered and customer-satisfactory oriented
Corporate mission: To create an excellent brand and strive to be a leader in the rain shoe industry
Cultural values: loyalty, pragmatism, happiness, sharing, gratitude
the enterprise culture